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Dental Insurance for Fluoride Treatments

Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy and Protect against Tooth Decay

Dental Insurance for Fluoride Treatments WisconsinMomentum Insurance in Wisconsin provides group and individual family dental plans covering fluoride treatments for children under 18 years of age.

Fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay and even reverse it if caught early enough, by making your teeth and enamel more resistant to plaque and sugar. Fluoride especially benefits children under 18 who are most at risk for tooth decay, such as those with:

  • Dry mouth
  • Gum disease (periodontitis)
  • Frequent cavities
  • Crowns, bridges, or braces

Dental Health Insurance Coverage for Fluoride Treatments

Individual Insurance Plans Covering Fluoride Treatments

Our Protect, Gold, and Platinum individual dental insurance plans offer coverage for fluoride treatments once per year until the age of 18 (19 on the Protect Plan). Our Gold Plan provides 80% coverage with no waiting period, and our Platinum Plan provides 100% coverage, no waiting period, and no deductible.

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Group Dental Insurance for Fluoride

Momentum’s group dental insurance plans offer the option for full or partial coverage of preventative services like fluoride treatments. Get a quote on a group dental plan for your Wisconsin business or contact us for more information.

Momentum Insurance Keeps Smiles of Ages Healthy for Life

Your smile is your best feature - keep it beautiful and healthy with the help of Momentum dental insurance. We provide affordable insurance plan options for patients with different families and careers, including:

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