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Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy with Dental Insurance from Momentum

Comprehensive Dental Insurance Plans for Families at Affordable Prices

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. is dedicated to providing Wisconsin families with the best dental insurance plans on the market. From affordability to the quality of dental coverage our products and level of customer care is unmatched. Momentum Plans have the perfect dental plan for you; regardless of:

  • Family size
  • Home location
  • Dental circumstances

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

Insurance is designed to protect you against worst-case scenarios, such as emergency dental careoral surgery or a root canal. Dental insurance will give you peace of mind when it comes to you and your family’s oral health. Preventative care measures such as regular teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments for children and seniors can reduce the risk of costly repairs or surgery later. 


Dental Insurance Plans for Wisconsin Families

Find a Family Dentist Near you

Momentum’s Network of Providers includes a large number of dentists located in Madison and throughout Wisconsin. Whether you live in Racine, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Dane County, or anywhere else, we have the perfect dental coverage for you!

Our dental network covers most Wisconsin cities, including:

Family Dentist in Wisconsin

4 Facts You Need to Know About Family Dental Insurance in Wisconsin


How does Family Dental Insurance Work

Having a happy and healthy family is important  especially when young ones are involved! Momentum Insurance Plans offers a variety of plans allowing you and your family to get the top-quality dental care you need and deserve.

Not sure which type of dental insurance coverage is right for you and your family? We have a variety of options to choose from. 

Most plans operate through three separate tiers:

  • Preventative care: This type of care covers dental cleanings, exams and x-rays, which typically occur 2x a year.
  • Basic coverage: A step-up from preventative care, basic coverage also includes care for fillings and other simple procedures.
  • Major procedure coverage: This tier covers dental surgeries, dentures, and other expensive procedures. Families who don't expect to require major surgery within the next year or two should not consider this particular plan. 

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Wisconsin Dental Insurance Provider for Families Family Dental Insurance in Wisconsin Dental Coverage for Wisconsin Families

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Family Dental Insurance Options in Wisconsin

Dental Health Associates of Madison Platinum and Gold Plans

Momentum provides dental insurance for any family in Wisconsin. Dental Health Associates of Madison has seven locations throughout Dane County. They have partnered with Momentum to dental plans exclusive to their offices. Our DHA exclusive dental insurance plans are the most affordable option when choosing Momentum. If you live in Madison or the surrounding areas and are looking for a top rated dentist in a convenient location, check out DHA of Madison.

Whether you’re between jobs or your current employer doesn’t offer dental coverage, Momentum Insurance has you and your family covered!

View  Plan Deductibles, Coverage of Dental Services, and Annual Maximum Benefits OR  Plan Exclusions .

Individual Commercial Plans from Momentum

Even if you don’t live in the Madison area, you can still receive excellent dental coverage! Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. offers commercial individual plans. Our commercial individual plans have been carefully designed by Momentum to meet the dental care needs and budget restraints of families in Wisconsin.

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Procedures Covered by Family Dental Insurance

Dental procedures range from simple preventative cleanings to braces & root canals. Different insurance plans cover different procedures, and different dentists perform different procedures. Family dental insurance from Momentum Plans covers common dental procedures; including (but not limited to):

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Our highly trained team of dental insurance specialists is available to answer any questions you may have while deciding which plan is right for you. Simply contact us online or give us a call to learn more! 608-729-6500


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