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Dental Insurance for Cleanings

Get Biannual Teeth Cleanings with Momentum Insurance Coverage

Brushing and flossing your teeth keeps your mouth fresh on a daily basis. Professional dental cleanings once or twice a year get your mouth extra clean by targeting the areas brushing and flossing are most likely to miss. Dental cleanings are also an opportunity for dentists to examine your brushing and flossing techniques and suggest changes. Momentum Plans offers several dental insurance plans which cover regular cleanings. Find your plan and enroll today!

Routine Cleaning Cost without Insurance: $127

Routine Cleaning Coverage with Momentum Gold & Platinum Insurance Plans: 80-100% coverage

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Individual Dental Coverage with Cleanings

Both the Gold and the Platinum plans have coverage for cleanings at six months intervals. Under the Gold Plan, there is 80% coverage without a waiting period. The Platinum Plan also has no waiting period and provides 100% coverage. Under the Protect Individual Plan, cleanings are available twice yearly.

Learn more about our individual dental insurance plans, including rates, deductibles, coverage of dental services & plan exclusions.

Group Coverage including Biannual Cleanings

For employers who are trying to decide on the best look into the benefits with our group dental insurance plans, which include biannual cleanings. Plans can be customized to provide more cleanings.

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