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Considering Group Dental Insurance for Your Wisconsin Business?

Our group dental plans are customized to your specific employees, ensuring each business partnering with Momentum gets the exact group plan they want and need.

Wisconsin Dental Insurance for Businesses

Some of the benefits of a Momentum group dental plan may include:

  • Multiple available plans for employees
  • A variety of deductibles
  • Annual maximums
  • A percentage of coverage for basic and major services
    • Semi-annual cleanings
    • Diagnostics
    • Basic care
    • Oral surgeries

Flexible Coverage

All group dental insurance plans can be customized for employees’ exact needs with Momentum Dental Insurance, giving everybody in the company the flexibility they look for with individual dental coverage.

We’ll help you navigate the process and tailor a group plan to meet your budget demands or restrictions.

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Momentum Plans: Dental Insurance Your Employees Will Smile About

Vast Network of Dentists

Many group health insurance plans only allow employees to utilize doctors and dentists within a specific network, thus limiting the proper care people may need when it comes to their oral health. With a Momentum Dental Insurance plan, a small business or corporation can offer the flexibility of a wide network of providers in the area without increasing costs or limiting coverage.

Oral Care for Overall Health

Though it may not seem like it, dental health can play a large part in a person’s overall health. Infections in the mouth or gums have been tied to serious health problems, including:

  • Endocarditis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease.

Group dental insurance encourages employees to get regular checkups and teeth cleanings to maintain healthy oral hygiene and potentially prevent serious diseases from occurring or worsening. Giving employees the option of proper dental care helps ensure good health and a productive crew.Group Dental Plan FAQs

Why Choose Momentum Plans as Your Insurance Provider

For both large and small businesses in Wisconsin, the primary concern when deciding whether or not to offer your employees dental benefits is cost. You no longer have to choose between the convenience and happiness of your employees and the wealth of your business, you can have the best of both worlds by choosing Momentum Insurance Plans.

Our sales representatives will discuss with you, in depth, your concerns, dental care needs, and coverage desires; then walk you through your group plan options – with no pressure to commit.

Your small business or corporation can benefit greatly from group Wisconsin dental insurance plans from Momentum. Customize a set of coverage parameters that will serve employees in all aspects of their dental health.

Businesses Benefit From Group Dental Insurance

Many businesses choose dental and health insurance packages over a single dental insurance package simply due to convenience. Momentum wants businesses to understand the importance of choosing a group dental insurance and why it is better for your business and your employees. 

Benefits in providing your employees with quality dental insurance include:

  • Improvement of employee morale
  • Maintains worker health
  • Shows that the business cares about its employees
  • Could possibly help in decreasing turnover rate

Benefits are completely customized to meet the needs of your business and coverage desires. Momentum offers more benefits, provides maximum flexibility, and gives more coverage than any other packaged health plan.

When Value Outweighs Cost: Flexible Dental Benefit Plans

No matter your specific business circumstance—less than 50 employees or more than 500, employee-sponsored or voluntary, etc.—it is likely you won’t find another Dental Insurance Provider in Wisconsin offering the same value in a cost-effective package. By choosing Momentum, you’ll have a local representative you can contact with any questions or concerns regarding your plans or coverage, and you can expect prompt responses. Your group plan is tailored to your business, so you’ll never need to worry about paying for items you don’t need or want—also affirming the lowest plan costs. And with Momentum’s premier network of dental care providers, your employees can easily find a dentist near their home or office, and are assured the highest quality dental care—all dentists in Momentum’s network are ADA and CODA accredited and certified!


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Call us today to learn more about our group plans and your options – 608.729.6500. We look forward to working with you.