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Dental Insurance for Bridges

Affordable Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Insurance for Bridges

Dental bridges are used to support replacement teeth (pontics) and crowns. They connect with nearby teeth to keep the new crown in correct alignment with the jaw and gums. Momentum Plans has insurance plans which cover the costs of dental bridges.

Why You Need a Bridge

Losing a tooth means trouble for the rest of them, and can lead to more serious health issues if not properly replaced. Each one of our teeth relies on the ones next to them to remain aligned. If you lose one, the neighboring teeth can start to tilt and drift into the empty space creating more gaps. These gaps can expose your gums to more bacteria and cause infection--a whole new level of discomfort, complication and potential damage.  

Dental bridges are meant to keep your teeth aligned and prevent extensive damage before it starts. For these reasons, crowns and bridges are recommended to replace missing teeth and keep your mouth healthy.

Cost of Dental Bridges with and without Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc.:

Dental Bridge Cost Range without Insurance: $2,100 - $4,500

Dental Bridge Coverage with Momentum Gold & Platinum Insurance Plans: 50% Coverage

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Individual Momentum Plan Coverage

The Gold & Platinum Plans both provide 50% coverage for dental bridges. There is a 12-month waiting period that can be waived depending on whatever policy you had before you switched to Momentum.

Our Protect Individual Plan covers many basic dental procedures. For services like bridges and crowns, discounts may be available through Dental Health Associates.

Learn more about our individual dental insurance plans, including rates, deductibles, coverage of dental services & plan exclusions.

Momentum offers plans for seniors, veterans, families and kids that cover crowns.

Group Plan Crown Coverage

Are you an employer who wants to provide care for your hardworking employees? Employer-sponsored group dental insurance plans from Momentum Insurance Plans Inc. can be customized to include any number of dental procedures, including the addition of dental bridges. To set up a custom insurance plan, contact Momentum Plans now.

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