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Protect Individual Plan

The Most Affordable Dental Insurance Coverage in Madison!

Affordable Dental Plans In Madison, WI

Momentum Plans offers the Protect Individual Plan as a basic dental insurance solution. Momentum the best dental insurance for seniors AND the best dental insurance for college students.

Receive access to the convenient and cost-effective Dental Health Associates Network and immediate dental care with no deductibles, pre-authorizations, waiting periods, or hidden fees!

Momentum's Protect Plan:

A Year of Coverage with Momentum Plans

Do you watch your soda intake, brush twice a day, and floss regularly? If so, routine dental cleanings and exams will be enough to keep your smile bright and healthy. Momentum Plans offers all the coverage most people need for a happy smile. We cover:

Twice Per Year

  • Routine Dental Cleanings
  • Professional Dental Exams

Once Per Year

  • Emergency / Problem Focused Evaluation
  • Clinical X-Rays / Bitewings
  • Topical Fluoride Application (Covers Dependents to Age 19)

Courtesy Discount Savings

  • Regularly Priced Dental Services through Dental Health Associates (ex: sealant, filling, crown, etc.)
  • Retail Products through Dental Health Associates (ex: electric and portable toothbrushes, whitening strips, etc.)


Wisconsin families, seniors, and students need access to quality oral care. Toothaches, bad breath, cavities, and gum disease can all develop over time without regular visits to a dentist. These same issues can be prevented with regular, yearly coverage from Momentum Plans.

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No Waiting Period!

When you enroll online in just 4 minutes, you get immediate dental insurance coverage at an affordable price—no waiting period. Momentum’s Protect Plan allows you to get the care you need right away, whether it’s an emergency or you just need a cleaning.

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Cheap Dental Plans for Seniors in Madison

Toothaches Have Deadly Potential

If you are not covered by any Wisconsin dental insurance plans yet and have any type of oral pain, it’s time you seriously consider calling Momentum Plans.

Even small dental issues such as a mild toothache can pose a serious threat to your well-being. The following symptoms are related to the growth of tooth abscesses:

  • Moderate discomfort/pain while chewing
  • Teeth are sensitive to hot or cold liquids/foods
  • Redness/swelling of gums
  • Constant foul breath
  • Swollen jaw/neck glands

Abscesses occur when there is a breach in a tooth’s protective enamel, from tooth decay, a chip, or gum disease. When bacteria manages to get inside the tooth from this breach, that’s when the abscess forms. If you think your mild toothache is painful now, the pain from the abscess in your tooth will be much worse.

If you have minor oral pain or may suspect you even have a tooth abscess, you need to seek treatment immediately. An abscess infection can take years to spread, but it can blossom overnight as well. If your infection spreads to your brain or heart or if swelling keeps you from breathing, your abscess could cause death.

Toothache Prevention and Oral Care


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Momentum is Accepted in More Locations

College Seniors and Senior Citizens alike turn to Momentum Plans for their affordable dental insurance and great coverage. Wisconsinites everywhere from Appleton to UW Madison get the coverage they need, a price they can afford, and access to some of the best dentists in the state.

Individual Plan FAQ

Momentum is accepted by dental health experts across Wisconsin in cities like:


Call Momentum to learn more today! 608.729.6500

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Business Dental Insurance FAQs