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Momentum’s Platinum Individual Dental Insurance Plan

Dental Insurance Perfect for Individuals, Families, and Seniors

Momentum provides affordable dental insurance plans for individuals in Wisconsin. With two plans to choose from, Gold or Platinum, you’re sure to find coverage fitting your needs and budget. If you’re looking for full coverage, no deductible, and no waiting period for your bi-annual dental check-ups/cleanings, the Platinum Plan is for you! Momentum’s Platinum Plan covers:

Individuals Families Seniors

Our Platinum Plan rates and coverage include:

Network Single 2 Adult Family 3-4 Person Family*
DHA only $39.78 $79.56 $133.11
Commercial $47.11 $94.22 $154.11

*Pricing based upon a 3-4 Person Family. For more than 4 family members, add $25.00 for each additional member. Rates are subject to change. Confirm current rates with our Sales Department by calling 608.729.6500.

Full Coverage, No Waiting Period, and No Deductible for Diagnostic & Preventative Services

When you enroll now for Momentum’s Individual Platinum Plan, you immediately have access to diagnostic and preventative dental services: bi-yearly exams and cleanings, yearly bitewing x-rays, and panoramic x-rays every 5 years. Children can also get fluoride treatment, space maintainers, and sealants.

See below for more details on coverage and services available.

Benefit Summary Platinum


$50 per person deductible and limited to $150 per family. The annual deductible is based upon the benefit year.


Diagnostic & Preventive Services

-Exams (6 month intervals)

-Cleanings (6 month intervals)

-Bitewings (12 month intervals)

-Panoramic (once per 5 year period)

-Fluoride treatment (once per benefit year through age 18yrs)

-Space maintainers (through age 15yrs)

-Sealants (through age 13, first & second permanent molars only, once per tooth)

100% coverage, deductible waived, no waiting period

Basic Restorative Services

-Fillings (composite on anterior teeth, amalgam on  posterior teeth)

-Simple extractions

75% coverage, 6 month waiting period

Other Services

-Emergency treatment to relieve pain (no waiting  period)

-Root canal therapy (Surgical Endodontic Treatment)



-Bridges and dentures

50% coverage, 12 month waiting period

Annual Maximum Benefit

Per person, per benefit year


Waiting periods may be waived if you were covered under an employer-sponsored group policy within 60 days of the start of your coverage under this policy, or an individual policy within 30 days of the start of your coverage under this policy. Momentum Platinum and Gold Plans do not cover oral surgery, implants, orthodontics, or cosmetic services. Contact us for plan details.

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Dental Coverage Helping You Get the Care Your Mouth Needs

Keeping yourself and/or your family healthy starts with a trip to the dentist. Bad oral health and hygiene are tied to a number of diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer (pancreatic or oropharyngeal), pregnancy problems like premature birth, and more. Momentum knows visits to the dentist are important, so we provide affordable dental coverage helping you get the care you need.

The Platinum Plan from Momentum is perfect for individuals or families who are employed with no dental coverage, between jobs, or retired. With a variety of providers located all over Wisconsin, getting your bi-annual checkup is easier than ever.

From preventative dental services to basic restorative dental services, and somethings in between – emergency treatments, root canal therapy, crowns, periodontics, bridges, and dentures – Momentum Plans has you covered, literally!

If you have no dental insurance and live in Wisconsin – choose Momentum Plans for your coverage provider. Our Wisconsin dental insurance plans are affordable, convenient, and ready to work for you.

Individual Dental Plan FAQs

Contact Momentum today for questions regarding our Platinum plan, or enroll online now.