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Group Dental Plans in Wisconsin

Customized Dental Plans for Businesses – Large and Small

Group dental insurance from Momentum Plans provides maximum flexibility and coverage for any size company – from corporations with hundreds of employees to small business with as few as two. By using our vast network of providers in Wisconsin, finding a dentist and creating a suitable plan for your company becomes a stress free experience.


Maintaining a balance between the benefits offered and the cost of your plan is critical to maximizing your return on investment. Momentum offers customizable group dental plans for this exact reason. The employer chooses how much they pay versus how much their employees pay – choose from voluntary or employer-sponsored insurance plans. More and more, employers are offering voluntary dental insurance paid 100% by the employee. Whether the employee is paying for part or all of their premiums, by partnering with Momentum, their portion of the cost can be paid through payroll deductions, with pre-tax dollars. This is a very attractive incentive for employees across Wisconsin.

Hidden Benefits of Group Dental Insurance

The hidden benefits of Momentum's  Wisconsin dental insurance plans is health and happiness for your employees. Oral health plays a large role in overall health. Mouths are filled with bacteria, and while most of the bacteria is harmless, without proper oral care and hygiene bacteria build up can lead to infections in the mouth and gums. Oral infections have been tied to or affect several health concerns, including: endocarditis, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Just by having regular dental checkups twice a year, diseases can be detected and diagnosed properly. Giving your employees the outlet to get proper dental care will ensure good health, reducing sick days and improving productivity.

Increase Community and Loyalty within Your Company by Offering Dental Insurance Benefits to Employees

No matter the size of the company, if you’re looking for a customized dental benefits package for your employees, your search ends here. Momentum has affordable, flexible, customizable plans for any business. Our group dental insurance customization includes:

  • Ability to offer multiple plans for your employees
  • Variety of Deductibles
  • Annual Maximums
  • Percentage of coverage for: Diagnostic and preventive services, basic restorative services, major restorative services, Orthodonia and Endodontic, Periodontic or Oral Surgery

Talented job candidates always measure up the fringe benefits offered by companies. Highlighting dental insurance will make your employee benefits package stand out, especially if other competitors don’t offer dental.


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Business Dental Insurance FAQs