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Dental Insurance Group Quotes

Dental coverage that fits your business’s needs:

Our representatives will help you find the perfect plan for your budget & employees. Momentum Insurance Plans are tailored towards your company's size and coverage needs while also offering the flexibility of a wide network of providers in your area. We have options for every type of business:

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Customize every aspect of dental coverage for your employees.

No matter the size of the company, if you’re looking for a customized dental benefits package for your employees, your search ends here. Momentum has affordable, flexible and customizable plans for any business. Our group dental insurance customization includes:

  • Ability to offer multiple plans for your employees
  • Variety of Deductibles
  • Annual Maximums
  • Percentage of coverage for: Diagnostic and preventive services, basic restorative services, major restorative services, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics & oral surgery

Stand out by adding a customized dental plan to your employee benefits package.

Business Dental Insurance FAQs

What is the difference between Employer and Employee sponsored?


Employee sponsored offers a discounted rate for employees to pay for dental insurance themselves. Employer sponsored is when an employer covers the cost of all or some of the dental coverage for their employee.

Will my employees be able to keep their current dentist?


If their current provider is a part of our network of premier dentists, they will not have to change their current dental care provider. If their current dentist is not part of our network, they will be able to choose another provider meeting their needs from our in network providers. Our network has a vast number of dentists across Wisconsin and throughout the United States. Use our online Provider Search Tool to find dentists that are in network.

Can my employees choose a dentist outside of Momentum Plans nationwide network?


Yes, they are always free to choose the dentist of their choice. However, their out-of-pocket costs may be higher if they choose an out-of-network dentist. If their dentist has not agreed to accept negotiated fees, they may be responsible for a difference in cost between the dentist's fee and your plan's benefit payment.

Can my dentist apply for participation in the network?


Yes, you can ask your dentist to apply to the network.

How can my employees find in-network providers?


They can find dental care providers that are in-network using our online Provider Search Tool.

Are there dentists in-network for employees who live outside of WI?


Yes, Momentum Plans has nationwide in-network dental providers. Businesses who are headquartered in WI can have dental coverage for employees who live out-of-state. 

Are dependents of the employee covered under the group dental insurance plans?


Yes. Spouses and children (up to the age of 26) are covered by our flexible, customizable insurance plans.

Are there limitations on pre-existing conditions? 


To see all situations where Momentum does not provide coverage, visit the Exclusions page.