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The Best Wisconsin Dental Insurance Coverage and Rates

Family Dental Insurance Plans WI

Momentum Insurance provides Wisconsin residents with comprehensive coverage accepted state-wide, at unbeatable rates and affordable premiums. Seniors, college students, children, businesses, and single parents alike can select a dentist who accepts Momentum in our vast network approved of dentistry’s. We work with you to define the dental coverage you need at the cost that best fits your situation. Enroll today in under 4 minutes to receive awesome, affordable dental insurance.

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Affordable Dental Insurance in Wisconsin

Dental insurance will vastly improve the overall health of you, your family, and your employees. Access to good dental care will help prevent harmful health risks, like heart disease. Our dental plans have high coverage and affordable premiums. We also have a vast network of dentists in Wisconsin to choose from.

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Wisconsin Dental Plans for Individuals & Families

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. offers individual dental plans for Wisconsin residents of all backgrounds. Students, families, seniors, and other individuals need reliable dental insurance they can afford. Our plans are specifically designed to benefit our members by providing quality coverage of dental services with low premiums, insuring healthy smiles across Wisconsin.

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Protect Individual Plan for Madison Area Residents

Momentum offers the Protect Individual Plan - a dental plan with just enough insurance for the minimal preventive dental care you need at a low monthly cost. With no deductible on your biannual teeth cleanings and dental exams. The Protect Individual Plan from Momentum is only applicable for care through our DHA network of providers. Dental Health Associates of Madison is one of the largest group dental practices in the Dane County area. Get affordable coverage through Momentum today and become a patient at one of Dental Health Associates of Madison’s seven locations for high quality dental care near your home or work.

Senior Dental Insurance Plans WI

Momentum Platinum & Gold Plans

Our Platinum and Gold Dental Plans each have low deductibles - just $50 per person and $150 per family - and both cover a wide range of dental services necessary for optimum dental health. If you choose our Platinum Plan, the deductible is waived for diagnostic and preventive services like exams, cleanings, X-rays, and sealants.

Our Gold Plan has its advantages in coverage too, at a lower price than the Platinum Plan. Premium costs are based on plan network (commercial, or Dental Health Associates) and the number of insured individuals.


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Group Dental Insurance in Wisconsin

Group Dental Insurance Plans for Wisconsin Businesses

Wisconsin businesses thinking about offering their employees dental benefits or shopping for a more affordable, flexible group plan, should get a quote from Momentum Plans.

Not only does offering excellent dental insurance to your employees create a healthier, happier workplace, it’s also a benefit which attracts talented applicants and retains your current, hardworking employees. Providing dental coverage to your employees shows you care about their health and well-being, which improves workplace morale and productivity. In many cases, employees are willing to pay the full premiums and appreciate the convenience of paying their costs through pre-taxed dollars.



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Group Dental Insurance Plans Wisconsin

About Momentum Plans | Dental Insurance You Can Smile About

Founded in 2011, Momentum Plans originates in Madison, Wisconsin where we started offering high-quality dental insurance with the purpose of ensuring our friends and neighbors in Dane County would have access to affordable dental coverage.

Since then, Momentum has expanded its reach and is currently bringing great dental insurance and coverage to all parts of Wisconsin. We have been able to provide affordable oral health care plans to families, businesses, and individuals around the state, and we hope you’ll be next to take advantage of Momentum’s great offerings.

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