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Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Affordable Dental Insurance Plans in Madison, WI

Individual Wisconsin dental insurance plans from Momentum are great for:

Get a dental insurance that covers everything you need from Momentum Plans at a price you can afford.

How Much is Momentum Dental Insurance per Month?

Average low-coverage dental insurance costs around $30-40 a month per person. With Momentum's customizable plans, your dental insurance can be as low as $20 a month.

Plan Network Single Plan  2 Person Family  3-4 Person Family*
Protect DHA Madison Limited Network $20.00 $40.00 $60.00 - $80.00
Commercial Extended Network Not Available Not Available Not Available
Gold DHA Madison Limited Network $34.11 $68.22 $112.11
Commercial Extended Network  $40.11 $80.22 $134.11
Platinum DHA Madison Limited Network  $39.78 $79.56 $133.11
Commercial Extended Network  $47.11 $94.22 $154.11

*Pricing based on a 3-4 Person Family. For more than 4 family members, add $25.00 for each additional member.

 Rates are subject to change. Confirm current rates with our Sales Department by calling 608.729.6500.

Momentum Dental Plan Options

Our easy-to-understand dental plans give you the exact coverage you and your family need. When it comes to dental health, our plans have got you covered: 

Protect Plan

A low-cost option perfect for seniors and those facing financial hardship.

Gold Plan

Momentum's plan geared toward families, students and veterans.

Platinum Plan

A high-coverage dental insurance for those with a  history of dental problems. 

Full coverage twice per year on: 

Routine cleanings

Professional exams

Full coverage once per year on: 

Emergency room visits


Flouride treatment (up to 19 years old)

DHA discounts on:

Dental services (Sealants, fillings, crowns etc.)

Retail products (Toothbrushes, whitening strips, etc.)




$50 deductible ($150 per family)

Year-round 80% coverage on diagnostic services
(no waiting period)

Year-round 80% coverage on preventative services
(no waiting period)

Year-round 60% coverage on basic
restorative services
(6 month waiting period)

Year-round 50% coverage on other services
(12 month waiting period)


Annual maximum benefit: $1,200


$50 deductible ($150 per family)

Year-round 100% coverage on diagnostic
(deductible waived, no waiting period)

Year-round 100% coverage on preventative
(deductible waived, no waiting period)

Year-round 75% coverage on basic restorative services
(6 month waiting period)

Year-round 50% coverage on other services
(12 month waiting period)


Annual maximum benefit: $1,200


Apply Now for Personal Dental Insurance Plans in Wisconsin!

Apply for individual dental care coverage. Once you complete the application, return it to Momentum with the initial premium payment or credit card information. Be sure to sign your form authorizing the payment method and for application of coverage. 

You don’t have to be part of a group to get the dental coverage you need!

Why Get Individual Dental Insurance?

Wisconsin Individual Dental Plans

Seeing a dentist regularly is the best way to ensure your children will have a healthy smile for life. Family dental insurance is designed to meet this need in a way that allows you to take advantage of a group discount and only pay for the coverage you need.

Oral health has a huge impact on overall health. Poor dental hygiene can lead to pain, discomfort, difficulty eating, and more. In some cases all of this can culminate in a need for oral surgery.

The best way to prevent such a situation is to make sure that you and your family are participating in regular preventative maintenance such as bi-annual cleanings and staying on top of your dental health with a trusted dental provider. By enrolling in individual dental insurance, you will make all of those things possible and affordable for you and your loved ones.

Who Can Benefit from Individual Dental Insurance?

Madison individual dental insurance options for families and individuals

Children and families can benefit greatly from the preventative maintenance that dental insurance can help provide. Seniors and college students can also benefit from it.

Retirees and people who are no longer covered by employer policies, but do not quite qualify for Medicare may choose to purchase affordable dental insurance for themselves as an individual policy.

With recent changes to insurance laws, there is much confusion over student dental insurance. Depending on your student's age and current enrollment status, you may find that they are no longer covered under your employer's dental plan.

Individual Dental Plan FAQs

Contact the Wisconsin dental plan providers at Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. today for more information on our individual dental coverage options, or take a look at our FAQ for individual dental plans.