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Wisconsin Group Dental Insurance Plans

Group Dental Insurance Plans

Group dental insurance plans give employers an opportunity to keep themselves and their team healthy. Making insurance more affordable for all parties makes it possible to show employees they are appreciated and can count on their employer when it comes to their health. 

Dental insurance for smaller businesses is a possibility because Momentum group dental plans are affordable and flexible; to meet the size of your business today and as it grows. 

Two Coverage Options

Group dental insurance typically covers a wide range of dental services for your employees.

At Momentum Insurance Plans, we offer two options for group dental plans in Madison, WI:

1. Employer Sponsored (employer pays for all or most of the coverage)

2. Employee Sponsored (offers a discounted group rate to employees who pay for coverage themselves)

Our plans can be customized based on the company’s needs, size, and many other factors.

Why Get a Group Dental Plan?

  • Basic Benefit - Employer dental insurance coverage is regarded as one of the most common and basic benefits that employees expect from companies these days. Group policies allow employees to get care through a network of providers at a discounted rate compared to an individual plan or a complete lack of dental insurance coverage.
  • Healthier Employees - Dental health is important to your employees because oral health affects overall health. Poor dental hygiene can be the cause of infections, headaches, pain, and more. All of these can be prevented with regular checkups and cleanings at a local dentist.
  • Better Attendance - As an employer, the better your employees take care of their teeth the fewer missed days of work they are likely to have. By providing your employees with group dental plans, they can take advantage of a network of dentists to keep their mouths healthy year-round.


Group dental insurance plans are an investment in your employees that pays off when they are able to work better thanks to their ongoing good health. The end result of choosing to provide a group dental plan today, is that you will save money in the long term and encourage employee loyalty by offering great benefits.

Unmatched Flexibility

Contact a Momentum representative to guide you in plan design. Once you have contacted a Momentum representative you can outline the exact percentage of coverage you would like to offer for all of the following services:

  • Semi-annual cleanings
  • Diagnostics
  • Basic care
  • Major procedures
  • Oral surgeries
  • and more

Choosing to provide group dental coverage to your employees will make you more desirable as an employer and will add to the level of job satisfaction of employees at your company. 

Momentum Insurance Plans

If your small business or corporation is looking to extend dental insurance to your employees with a group plan, Momentum Insurance Plans is the place to look. We can work with your company's size and coverage needs while also offering the flexibility of a wide network of providers in your area. 

We are able to help you create a completely custom set of coverage parameters that will serve you and your employees in all aspects of their dental health while saving money for you and them.


Contact the  customer service and insurance providers at Momentum Insurance Plans today for the BEST group dental insurance plans, or....