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Wisconsin Dental Insurance Company Dedicated to Providing Reliable and Affordable Coverage

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period WisconsinMomentum Insurance Plans, is the top choice for Wisconsin dental insurance coverage. We proudly offer the best dental coverage services for individuals, families, groups, and Wisconsin state employees. Momentum has a wide range of Individual dental insurance and group plans, coupled with great rates and an easily accessible network. Our plans are customizable, so you only have to pay for the coverage that you need. Our expanded in-network providers offer flexibility to visit a vast network on dental clinics located throughout the state of WI. Those who obtain dental insurance coverage through Momentum Insurance Plans will have their dental care needs met and exceeded at every turn. When you, your family, or your employees need dental insurance coverage, turn to the best in the business: Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc.

Request a Quote for Group Dental Insurance in Wisconsin

Not only do we offer individual and family dental insurance plans we also have group Insurance plan packages for employers of all sizes. Dental insurance is one of the most-requested benefits by employees. If you run a corporation or small business, a dental package may be the deciding factor for new and existing employees. Customize your group insurance by offering multiple dental plans, a variety of deductibles and annual maximums. With Momentum Insurance Plans, your corporation or small business can also offer employees a percentage of coverage for services including: diagnostic, preventative, basic and major dental care, orthodontia and endodontic, periodontics, and/or oral surgery. If you want to provide your employees with extensive, affordable group dental insurance in Wisconsin, request a quote from Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. today.

Customized Dental Insurance Plans

Contact us at 608-729-6500 or info@momentumplans.com to learn more about our individual, family, or employer group plans.

Contact Wisconsin's dental insurance provider at Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. today for more information or with any questions you may have regarding our dental insurance coverage options. We look forward to hearing from you.