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FAQ - Individual Dental Insurance

What You Need To Know About Individual Dental Insurance in Wisconsin

Madison Woman with Individual Dental PlanWho can qualify for individual dental insurance?

Anyone in Wisconsin can qualify for individual dental insurance from Momentum Plans. If your current employer does not offer dental insurance, if you do not qualify for your company’s dental plan, or if you are currently unemployed, you can continue to receive the best dental healthcare in Wisconsin with individual dental insurance. Adults over the age of 26 who are no longer covered by their parents’ dental plan and retired individuals are also eligible for dental insurance.

Why do I need individual dental insurance if I have a healthcare plan?

Many individuals do not realize their dental health is not covered by most Wisconsin employee healthcare plans. As a result, many people fall behind on their oral health until it is too late. With individual dental insurance, you can continue to receive the best oral hygiene services in Wisconsin.

Can I keep my current dentist?

If your current provider is a part of the Momentum Plan network of premier dentists, you may continue seeing your current provider. Our network includes a significant number of qualified dentists across Wisconsin. To see which dentists are covered in your area, please see our Wisconsin dental care provider network.

Smiling WomanWhat criteria must your participating dentists meet?

Our wide range of quality dentists are credited and certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). With qualified dentists located throughout the state of Wisconsin, there are many convenient locations and practices to meet all of your dental needs.

What do individual dental insurance plans cover?

Individual dental plans cover everything from regular cleanings to full mouth or panoramic x-rays. Children on an individual dental plan can receive annual fluoride treatment, space maintainers (through age 15) and sealants (through age 13). From fillings to crowns to dentures, your will have complete oral health coverage through Momentum Plans. You can even have root canal therapy and emergency treatment when necessary.

Are there different levels of coverage? What if I require special care?

You can opt for either Gold or Platinum dental insurance plans through Momentum Plans. The Single Rate, Two-person Family, and Family Rate are available for both levels of coverage. The Family Rate covers up to four family members, with additional member coverage available for additional fees to meet the needs of your family.

Do you offer dental insurance plans with no waiting period?

Yes. Our Protect Individual Plan has no waiting period in addition to Diagnostic & Preventive Services for both our Gold and Platinum Dental plans.

What is the most basic and affordable dental plan Momentum Plans offers?

Momentum Plans offers the Protect Individual Plan as a basic dental insurance plan, specifically designed for the Madison area. Low premiums and affordable payments frame our insurance package to directly benefit adults and children.

Dental Checkup on Preexisting ConditionsWhat limitations does the plan place on pre-existing conditions?  (E.g. missing teeth)

Momentum insurance plans exclude the following:

  • Services or prosthetics started before the date of coverage eligibility.
  • Dental procedures treating injuries or diseases caused by or related to riots or any other form of civil disobedience.
  • Dental procedures treating injuries sustained during a criminal act.
  • Dental procedures treating deliberate self-inflicted injuries.
  • Orthodontic services, including replacement and repair of orthodontic appliances. To see all situations where Momentum does not provide coverage, visit the Exclusions page.

Does the plan cover emergency treatment?

Yes. Emergency treatment is covered both inside and outside of the Momentum Service Area, except for treatment needed to address injuries or disease resulting from civil disobedience or criminal activity. Immediate treatment can be provided in order to reduce pain.

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