Momentum Insurance Plans Partners With Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation to Provide Dental Health Benefits

Madison Dental InsuranceOur Wisconsin dental insurance company is dedicated to providing the dental plans Madison can trust for the best dental health. In addition to offering Madison individual dental coverage and group dental plans in Wisconsin, Momentum Insurance Plans works with Unity Health Insurance Corporation to offer Unity UW Health Network services. Our partnership with the Unity UW Health networks offers several benefits, including:

  • Quality dental care
  • Excellent local service
  • Accessible network
  • Convenient locations

Momentum Insurance Plans and Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation provide dental benefits to Unity members within the Unity UW Health and the Unity State UW Health networks. These networks give you instant access to Momentum's premier network of dentists, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists. Unity UW Health and Momentum Insurance Plans are proud to offer our customers local service and quality dental care at affordable prices. 

Dental Plans for Unity Health Plan Participants

Affordable dental insurance Madison

Unity State UW Health

Momentum Insurance Plans, through its partnership with Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation, offers state Uniform Dental benefits to Unity State UW Health dental participants. Unity UW Health and Momentum strive to meet the Wisconsin dental health needs of our customers through comprehensive excellence in dental care and our premier network of dental specialists. 

Our Unity State UW Health dental insurance plans help keep your mouth happy and healthy. Gain access to our Unity State UW health network and find the dental care specialist you can rely on. 

Unity UW Health-Plans for Employer Groups and Individuals

Momentum Dental Plans has partnered with Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation to provide commercial dental health benefits for employer groups and individuals. These commercial dental health benefits make it easy and convenient to keep up with your dental health at an affordable price. Our partnership with Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation allows Unity UW Health dental coverage plan holders access to our premier network of dental care specialists. 

Contact Momentum with questions regarding your dental benefits with Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation